Who We Are

A1 Tax and Financial Services is a committed and organized firm run by tax professionals who have tremendous knowledge on US tax filing. We are dedicated and take every miniature detail of our individual and/or business clients' cases to the core and ensure you get your valuable services. We understand your taxes, your tax situation and we are determined to provide you the best services.

We work with our clients on analyzing tax data submitted, and submitting appropriate tax filing returns. We make sure confidentiality, provide excellent service to promote repeat business, and provide future tax planning to clients.

We offer drop-in facilities or clients can meet us during the tax preparation process to review financial records, complete all tax forms, and ensure that completed forms follow legislation and regulations.

A1 Tax and Financial Services offer full fledged financial services. As an advisor, we make constructive personalized financial plans that aim to achieve the financial goals of our clients. These plans include not only Investments but also Retirement, Real Estate, Insurance, Estate Planning, and tax strategies. We check with our clients on a regular basis to re-evaluate their current situation and future goals and plan accordingly.

We educate people on how money works and teach the rules of the wealthy such as building the equity, power of index contracts, power of buy term and invest the difference, Active money management, Passive money management and many more. We provide you an opportunity to build your own business career in the financial service industry.

You leave our office with

  • Trust and confidence
  • Satisfaction
  • Value to your time and money
  • Appropriate refund for your tax situation
  • Knowledge on Active/Passive Income
  • Enriched knowledge on wealth management

Tax Services

Business Tax Preparation

We work on your business taxes by keeping your business vision in mind. Our business tax preparation expertise will help you in filing your business taxes in the most efficient way. We will enlighten your knowledge on business rules and tax methods applicable to your business. We steer you in the right direction to make your business tax planning, preparation hassle free.

Personal Tax Preparation

We work on your individual taxes from any state of residency. We provide professional services in your tax preparation with most efficient tools which will benefit you to the best of your tax status. Leave your tax worries to us, we provide you the best possible solutions to make you understand your taxes. We have better control on tax steering to navigate you in a better direction for your personal taxes.

Accounting Services

We drive our business with dedicated, trained professionals, and use most effective information technology tools. will provide you strategic solutions in selecting your accounting services in this overwhelmed global accounting packages and provide right solutions that fit your business needs. We will deliver most valualable and committed solutions to run your business operations.

IRS Representation

We are enrolled to represent taxpayers or enrolled to practice before the IRS on any anomalies and/or tax issues. Representing before the IRS includes but not limited to filing documents, corresponding and communicating with the IRS, representing taxpayers at conferences, hearings or meetings with the IRS etc..We represent your case with trust, confidence and accuracy to the best of our knowledge.

Financial Services


Stocks, Bond Alternatives, ETFs, Wealth Management We value your financial need which will make us evaluate your risk tolerance and risk capacity subjective to your financial strength and need. We make sure you understand what we recommend and why. We value your personal portfolio will fit your needs based on how soon you need the money, your investment horizon, and your present and future goals.

Real Estate

Land Banking, Oil & Gas, Commercial Real Estate Investments We provide a "real" solution to our clients to identify investments that meet their needs, conduct feasibility assessments, and support them through all phases of the transaction. We provide personal and commercial real estate solutions to diversify client's investment portfolios. We do unbiased consultation and navigate our clients in right direction.


We study your net worth and do a thorough asset allocation based on your age. We assess your current estimated retirement income and revise your planning to maximize your future retirement income. Our retirement vehicle is built with best features like indexed growth, security, down-market protections, reasonable withdrawal rates, and with a wide variety of retirement investment seats.


Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Long Term Care Your life is valuable and makes it much valuable by insuring your life. Secure your life which will provide the best services at later ages such as short term care or long term care or nursing facility. Our insurance vehicle does include security, indexed growth, down-market protections features inclding variety of retirement insurance plans.

Estate Planning/ Other Services

Will & Trust, College Savings, Tax Savings, Alternative Investments Don't leave your assets to the state, it's your hard earned money. Protect your assets with properly planned will & trust or estate planning. Create your own asset will, health will, family management will, movable immovable asset management will. We provide quality will services including sharing the knowledge.